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Games Development

The mobile gaming market with wireless online access is at the beginning of a period of explosive growth. With the power of online communities and social interaction combined with innovative new game-play, we believe that many developers and consumers are only just now touching the surface of what is possible. The Micro Forté team is capable of delivering your next exciting mobile gaming experience to end users and looks forward to working with you. Check out some of our in development games.




iOS Screens

Business Applications

It’s not all just ‘fun and games’! Why not use our talented and experienced development team to create your next commercial or business application? We are proven innovators in developing applications, prototyping systems, and discovering optimal solutions for both government departments and the private sector. We understand the need for robust designs that can be utilised by users of varying levels of experience with the large array of mobile devices available. We make sure your applications handle data correctly and implement interfaces that are easy and intuitive to use.