In the 24th century, on the planet Redavi, a colony is flourishing. Its population varies from high-ranking military personnel and scientists to hospitality and nursing staff, with an additional contingent of robots. These colonists are on Redavi to harvest and process urgently needed food and energy supplies for a stricken Earth.

Enemy Infestation is a frantic third-person isometric real-time sci-fi horror strategy game mixed with a healthy dose of action and a fight for survival. On one side are the colonists - space pioneers forging brave new frontiers. On the other side are the insect creatures - foraging for brave new frontiersmen. Enemy Infestation takes X-Com style games to the next level with its real-time engine, highly detailed graphics and multiplayer Internet capability. The personalised feel of the player characters offers more replay-ability than many other games.

* 5 massive environments, each with unique layouts and rooms.
* 26 one or two player Storyline scenarios
* 10 additional stand-alone multiplayer player scenarios
* 15 colonists, each with their own skills and attributes
* Quick, exciting real-time action
* Multiple unique aliens that gain powers from feeding on captured colonists
* Variable weapon effects mean it’s a different game every time you play.
* Cooperative play for 1-4 players over LAN or Internet