Past Projects

Micro Forté Studios has enjoyed many years of successful game development over many different platforms, and working with some of the best game publishers in the business. With all our products our goal has always been to provide and exciting player experience first and foremost. We are always pushing the boundaries of the technology of the time, and looking for ways to give players something new they haven’t experience before. While we are now making ourselves known as developers of MMO’s and Virtual Worlds, it has not always been so. Our history goes back to the very early days of our industry, back to the days of Commodore 64. We are extremely proud of all our products, as they reflect the various interestes we have had during our two decades in the business. From MMO’s, strategy games, sports games and children’s games, we have enjoyed each and every project

Citizen Zero   Citizen Zero
Citizen Zero is a massively multiplayer third person adventure/action game with the strong character development components of RPG style games, set in the future on a distant solar system.
HotWheels: Bash Arena   HotWheels: Bash Arena
HotWheels: Bash Arena is a PC game for everyone! Control authentic HotWheels® Cars on the craziest, smash and crash demolition tracks ever created! Avoid outrageous obstacles, collect power-ups and eliminate your opponents. Will you be the last car running…?
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel   Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel
Fallout: Tactics is a squad-based, third person tactical combat game with RPG character development and a mission-based story line, taking the successful Fallout franchise to a new level.
Enemy Infestation   ENEMY INFESTATION
Enemy Infestation is an action strategy game, where you defend your outposts with a handful of brave colonists against a fearsome alien swarm that grows and breeds.
Bombs Away   BOMBS AWAY
Bombs Away is one of a series of “mouse pad games” where you fly a fighter bomber aiming for targets that will give you points for accuracy.
Nordice   NORDICE
Nordice is one of a series of “mouse pad games” where you take control of the giant rock throwing Viking Tobor the Invincible, crushing villages and villagers with deft throws.
Fire King   FIRE KING
Fire King is an action story game, that combines the fast paced game play of Demon Stalkers with an expansive story driven world.
Demon Stalkers   DEMON STALKERS
Built in the style of the successful coin-op game Gauntlet, Demon Stalkers is an arcade style action game where you battle through 100 levels of Doomfane dungeon.
America's Cup Challenge   AMERICA'S CUP CHALLENGE
The official America’s Cup sailing simulation takes the excitement of maxi yacht racing to the lounge room sailer, as you race around the official America’s Cup course.